English - Greek Dictionary of Astronomical Terms

Finding the appropriate Greek translation to an English word, used to describe an obscure astronomical issue, is often a challenging task. The Council of the Hel.A.S. decided to continue the effort for the creation of an English-Greek dictionary of Astronomical terms that began years ago with the initiative of the then President Prof. Paul Laskarides. The current version of the dictionary, which is based to a large extent on the efforts of Prof. John Seiradakis, with a significant amount of additions from Prof. Nektarios Vlahakis and Mrs. Koutsantoniou, a graduate student at the University of Athens, can be found in PDF format [here ].

Please note that this a living document which will be updated on a regular basis following the suggestions of the members of our Society for the most appropriate translations, and also for the addition of new terms. The Hel.A.S. members are encouraged to contact for these matters Prof. N. Vlahakis [vlahakis@phys.uoa.gr].

Some useful resouces for definitions of astronomical terms and other dictionaries follow:

Last modified: 30 May 2012
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